Monday, February 12, 2007

First week sans Husband....

Jeff's last day in the states was only a week ago--it's amazing how quickly we've closed the wound left by his absence. He's called a few times--he's doing okay. His time is about 10 hours ahead of us--he's been calling me about 10:30 or 11:00 at night--after I've been asleep for about an hour. It's throwing my sleep cycles off. But I'm glad he's able to call--makes both of us feel better. What was life like before cell phones? I don't remember....

I'm so excited--tomorrow I get my intro package for Stampin' Up! I really love this company--their products are great! I've been having so much fun "playing" with my new "toys". We also turn our last paperwork in today for our foster / adoption package. I've been looking online--I'm found several "maybe's"--two different sibling pairs--brothers--who are under school age. I'll start calling next week....

Za's fever has broke--I'm 99% sure it was from her shots last week. And Sascha's diaper rash is almost completely healed. Aria is about jumping out of her skin looking forward to her birthday in two days. Taj is just Taj--being very reliable and helpful.

I'm okay. A little tired. Fighting off a cold. But weighing in at 222. Goal for the end of Feb--get out of the 220's into the 2-teens.

We have homeschool group today--the kids are exchanging valentines--and tonight I have a class on "lap quilts".


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