Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Stamping again...

I'm LOVING creating stuff again!

I am really enjoying playing with colors and textures. I'm not getting NEARLY enough sleep--I wake up and have ideas and have to go dowstairs and make stuff. I also made my first scrapbook page today--I'm very pleased with it!

I had a few ladies over on Saturday--introduced them to stamping. Hopefully we can get a club going--or at least some interest in classes....

Jeff called me yesterday. He needed me to pick up some rope to pull injured guys in. I picked some up and will send him a care package tomorrow.

We've been keeping busy. Yesterday we went to a lap quilt class. (The last one was canceled due to weather.) Then we went to homeschol group. Today we had a WIC appointment and then I registered the kids for CYS Saturday child care.

Busy making plans for my birthday. I called my in-laws--let them know when we'd be there and to let me know when they want the kids. I think it will be a good visit.

Well, Aria is snoring. Za is SO CUTE in her little animal jammies. Taj is watching Blue's Clues--and Sascha is ready to nurse AGAIN. I think I'll start getting ready for bed. We host Girl Scouts here again tomorrow. And Thursday the YMCA is hosting a quilt thing--not sure what it is, exactly, but I guess they can put pictures on quilts for the kids. After that, Taj is going home with his friend, Antonio, to spend the night.
I think the kids are okay--mostly. And so am I--mostly. I get a little sad sometimes--almost lost. I never really planned on life as a single mom. I'm good at it. I can handle it. But sometimes it's a little...lonely....


At March 2, 2007 at 3:36 PM , Blogger Michelle said...

That solitude card is GORGEOUS!


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