Thursday, March 1, 2007

I thought it was spring!

The card I made this morning:

Taj and Aria with Loki and Lily:
Taj and Aria with their "Snow Princess" this morning:
Yesterday was SO nice--we had our girl Scout project outside (pine cone / peanut butter bird feeders)! The kids were outside playing on their scooters until almost 8:00. This morning about 4:00 I woke up to thunder--ran outside to roll up the van window--and we were having a snowstorm! I stayed up for about an hour and got back to sleep. Then Jeff called me at 7:00 and woke me up. The kids got up a little later and went outside to make a snow person. It's sunny again and will probably be all melted by tonight. I guess March came in like a "lion".

Things I'm grateful for:
1) Health
2) Pleanty of what we need
3) Breastfeeding
4) Older kids to help me with the younger kids
5) Our church community
6) Internet
7) Steady paychecks (for almost 3 years now!)
8) Living in the US
9) Spring is coming!
10) Stamping again

Za is screaming for lunch--even though it seems like we just finished brakfast--Coco Wheats--our favorite!


At March 2, 2007 at 3:41 PM , Blogger Michelle said...

What beautiful children!


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