Sunday, November 4, 2007

It's November already????

Gosh this autumn is flying by! Just taking advantage of our "extra" hour today by getting on the computer for a bit.

I've been doing yoga every morning first thing for almost two months--and I can really see and feel the difference! I have more energy and the scale is slowly creeping down--over 10 pounds down (60 to go...)

I'm still rubber stamping almost every day--I've been really pleased with my work lately. I'm giving a few friends (and my mom) homemade cards for Xmas.
We are still actively seeking additions to our family--I sent out 10 homestudies to different social workers this week. We are inquiring about sibling sets of 2, 3 and even 4. I'd LOVE to have our adoptive kids placed before my 41st birthday in March.
Taj and Aria are doing great with reading--something just seemed to "click" for each of them this month and they are getting more confident every week.
Zadina is dry during the day--and talking more clearly all the time--she's such a big girl, now.
Sascha is on the "cusp" of walking--she and Baby "J" are both SO ready--it will be weeks and no one will be crawling arouind here any more.
The puppies are calming down--we invite them in almost every day and they are very good with the kids--Loki doesn't even jump up anymore.
Mostly we just spend time at home--we were outside a LOT yesterday enjoying the weather and hanging out with the neighbors.


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