Thursday, September 13, 2007

More vacation...

Friday we got up and headed out. We stopped at a little place with a buffet, but they didn't have much that looked good to me, so I stayed in the car with Sascha and ate cereal and nursed her. Jeff called his ex to see if she wanted to get together for lunch--but her husband was kinda creeped out by the idea, so we skipped GA altogether. We made it to FL--just past Tallahassee that night. I *really* wanted to push on and see the ocean, but the kids (and especially Sascha) were ready to quit for the night. So we stopped at a nice little place and had a decent dinner--the room was so new--I think we were the first people to stay in it--I noticed dust--then realized it was drywall dust from drilling holes for the ironing board.

Also, a fun side note--the first night we were driving near St Louis and Jeff was getting tired. He said the tire pieces on the road were starting to creep him out--he was expecting them to explode. In fact, he pointed out to me, they'd recommended in his briefing that the guys avoid long car trips and crowds during their R&R--so we took a cross-country trip to go to DISNEY!!
Oh yeah, I forgot to mention--Jeff's going bald--in PATCHES.


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