Saturday, November 10, 2007

Oh, Zadina!

So, anyway. She's talking plainer all the time, but sometimes you have to really know the context. She's been asking me something that sounds like "I (pyee?) you?" I finally figured out she was asking "I play, too?" So--she is outside today playing and she asks me, "I Pyee gas?" I said, "Yes, you can play in the grass." So she starts pulling her pants down to PEE in the grass. Oops! So I had to make her go in and use the tioilet--she wasn't happy with me.

We have a new placement I am REALLY happy about. We are calling him "Baby Brother". Little boy--8 months old and GORGEOUS. It will be a long road to his permanancy, but we are going to ride this one out. So I have 3 babies in the house and I am loving it!


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