Sunday, January 13, 2008

Good Day...

Talked to Jeff twice today--he's busy checking out motorcycles--right now he's leaning towards a Harley. This last few months is going to be the hardest to get through....

We all dressed in black with denim today--the kids were so cute! (My little beatniks!)

After church we had a planning meeting--I really like being a part of a small church--I actually have a voice! After that we stopped by Target to get another toy cell phone--Sascha likes Zadina's so much I had to get her one. (This is really cool, you can record a message--and when you close the phone, it rings. When you answer it it says one of three things, one of them being your recorded message.) Then we zipped home and went to the neighbor's b-day party. Very mellow and fun--a former neighbor was there--she is due with her second baby in a few days. It was good chatting with everyone.

Also, Talked to Tammy in Omaha today--if she doesn't go into labor by Friday, they will induce. Here's hoping Little Lena decides to come on her own....

We finished reading Dragon Rider by Funke a few nights ago. We are taking a break and doing picture books for a few nights--Taj wants to start Peter Pan tomorrow.

Well, It's time to read and then I'm going to BED (it's almost 9:00!)

Peace & Love


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