Tuesday, January 8, 2008

What season is it?

Yesterday we went for a walk without coats--this morning we woke up to snow--but it was mostly gone and sunny by this afternoon and we got another walk in. Yesterday we took Lily so today we took Loki. (The kids can only find one leash.) However, when we came around the block the second time, Lily came running up to us--she had burrowed under the fence. So we stopped at once around and reinforced the hole.

Yesterday I got word that my Baby J was officially home with his Dad. He had been there since before Xmas--it's just official now. I'm really glad for them--they are so sweet together. So I have an opening again--I'd like the next placement to be an adoptive placement....

Jeff called twice today. He's doing okay--missing us--less than three months of duty left! Woohoo!


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