Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Busy busy busy!

Have two months really passed since my last post?
So much has happened! First--we are all moved in. The house is perfect for our needs. You walk in the front door and it's open to the 2nd floor loft--enormous entryway (big enough to put an additional dining table for the holidays when our family eventually gets too big for our main table.) Straight ahead are the stairs leading to the lower level (not officially a basement since it's a walk-out and the bedrooms have egress windows.) To the right is the living room. Down a short hallway along the stairs, to the right is the master bedroom (just Jeff and I in there, now--when he's home, that is!), straight ahead is the main floor bathroom, and to the left is the stairway leading up to the loft. C'mon up and see! At the top of the stairs is a rather large play area, a full bathroom directly above the main floor one, and a cozy sleeping area for Aria, Zadina, and Sascha. Back down to the first floor and we'll go to the left of the front door--dining room which leads into the kitchen. Also a back door that goes out onto the deck--roomy enough for the grill and a dining table we plan on using often this fall. Now come back to the stairs, and I'll show you the lower level. At the bottom of the stairs to the left, this enormous room is my GORGEOUS laundry room. Big enough for a fridge, a deep freeze, washer, dryer, plenty of storage--and, oh, yeah, you could still have a dance party down here! That door leads out into the backyard. Back here into the hallway: the bathroom is directly below the other two, and there are 4 big bedrooms down here. Our new teen and her infant sleep in the first one, Blonde Chick has the next one, Taj and LB share one--and one is just for me! It holds all of my books and movies AND craft stuff--with a big table for my projects. (Can you guess where I've been spending my spare time?) And the garage is HUGE (Think Jiffy Lube). The tv is out there, so night owls don't disturb anyone else's sleep.

Oh, did you notice I mentioned two new kids? This sweet girl and her baby joined us a few weeks ago. She is in high school and seems to be working out great. Our other teen's adoption is still in the works--in the next few months? But she has officially withdrawn from school and is studying for her GED. And we've gotten very close to LB's dad. In fact, we are going to adopt him before he deploys. So we will be LB's grandparents.

In the meantime, we are still seeking a brother for Taj (one who is not a full 12 years older!) We have space for one or two more children (maybe three?) and then we are DONE! (at least for now.)

Jeff went to a training thing in OK a few days after we moved in. He will be home in time for Sascha's 2nd birthday.

The kids are all doing great. Learning and growing and getting into trouble, but mostly making me laugh a heck of a lot.

Life is good.


At September 20, 2008 at 9:15 PM , Blogger Joanne said...

Sounds great Lisa!! Glad you like it :)
Post some pics if/when you can.

In Christ,


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