Saturday, March 15, 2008

41 today.

And I found out it's also Shirley Bassey's--but she's SEVENTY-one:

Makes me look forward to the next 30 years!

We went out to eat last night--Valentino's. I gave LB ice cream--got him his own little dish and fed it to him. It was the first time he'd ever had more than a bite or two of anything that sweet. Well, when it was gone, I set the cup aside and he commenced to HOWL! I mean, it was a full-blown tantrum with TEARS! It was so funny! So, I did the horrible-parent thing and got him more ice cream. As soon as I started feeding him ice cream again, the tears stopped and he started eating happily. Sascha also got her own little dish--which she ate with a spoon, as soon as we got her started--and she realized what it was. They are both using silverware more--LB ate about 3 scrambled eggs yesterday--mostly with a fork.

Then last night we watched "One Crazy Summer". Zadina designed a loincloth out of a plastic Walmart bag that was really quite fashionable. Taj and I went to Walmart and then I stayed up finishing a scrapbook page I'd been working on. When I finished, It was well after midnight, so I opened the presents that came in the mail yesterday--my mom sent me a DVD of "Butterflies are Free." (My all-time favorite movie, but my VHS copy was all fuzzy.) And Natalie sent some pampering products from the Dead Sea. I feel so pampered!

Today we are headed to Topeka. We'll have lunch at Olive Garden and drop our teen off to visit friends. I have some shrimp in the freezer--I think Aria and I will do something fun for dinner. And tomorrow we have church, so I think I'll bring a cake to share.

Okay--off to use my new (yummy) shampoo!


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