Monday, March 5, 2007

I am so grateful for my husband!

I am so glad Jeff trusts me--not only to be a devoted and faithful wife while he's gone, but with the money, with the children, with just about everything--I have complete autonomy and he leaves decisions up to my judgement. He respects that I have a need for time to myself sometimes and encourages me to get a sitter--or drop the kids off at the YMCA for free child care to do things for myself.
I think there are a lot of husbands--not just military--who try to control and micro-manage their families. I'm very sad for these wives and wonder if perhaps that is the reason some of these young wives go a little crazy when their husbands leave. If their husband becomes a parental figure, doesn't it make sense to have a party when "Dad" is away?
I have talked to women who are not "allowed" to let their kids play at a neighbor's house--who are not "allowed" to drop the kids off--except maybe long enough for them to go work out. It is incomprehensible to me that these women who are adults--who have children and are managing a household all alone while their husband fights a war half a world away, are not "allowed" to make simple decisions regarding their own lives.

Again--I am glad that I have my husband--that we have a healthy and respectful adult marriage. That he supports and loves me and trusts my decisions. I, in return, never give him any reason not to trust me--and run big decisons by him before I commit. (No, Jeff, you won't come home to a new house.)


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