Saturday, March 10, 2007

New Toys!!!

I got four boxes of new toys from Stampin' Up last night. Just finished getting all my stamps mounted. After lunch I'm dropping the kids off at the YMCA to have 3 uninterrupted hours of creating. Also--I just ordered my EIGHT new free stamp sets. After mounting my 13 new sets last night and this morning, only one of which was an alphabet set, I realized 5 of the eight coming next week are also alphabets. Whew! What have I gotten myself into? (grin.)

I have my first Stamp Club member--now to round up 5 more and we are in business! I'm really looking forward to showing everyone new techniques--stimulating all those creative energies!

The weather is GORGEOUS!! I think we'll take a walk before dinner tonight--wear everyone out and get an appetite for dinner (which will be chicken in the crockpot--so easy!!)

Talked to my SIL today--looking forward to seeing them at Easter--and I guess I talked to my other SIL last night, too. Had to let Amy know how much Jeff appreciated the care package. I think we'll stop by to see them before we head home Easter Sunday, also.

Okay--off to get some lunch in the kids' tummies before I shuffle them off to the "Y".


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