Monday, March 5, 2007

Saturday's project

Saturday I *almost* had a day to myself. I got up and woked with my stamps until the kids got up--then I dropped them off at CYS for 3 hours. Picked them up and the babies were ready for a nap. Aria went to play with friends and Taj vegged upstairs. (He was maxed out on "People time" for the day.) I had another 3 hours to play. I made a few cards--one (above) that I was really pleased with. I also got to try out some techniques and am getting more familiar with the colors....
I've spent the last few days developing a design for a Father's Day card....
Yesterday we had potluck at church and spent some time outside in the afternoon--it feels like spring is back!
Today we take Lily in for her chip and first set of shots--then we go into Manhattan for homeschool group. Looks like we'll be at the park!


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