Thursday, September 13, 2007

Our vacation:

We got home on Saturday, Aug 11th. I called Sommer on the way up and she and I and Joey took the kids swimming. Then we met my parents for pizza at Valentino's. After dinner my folks helped me get situated in the room (second floor--not much fun!) and let me run out for groceries.
Sunday we went to church and met Dawn and Eve and got pictures taken of the cousins. Then my folks took the three big kids (Wow--I guess Zadina is a "big kid" now!) to Shrek the Third while I took a NAP with Sascha. We got a big thunder storm that night and my parents were wishing they'd stayed for dinner, 'cus when they got home they had no power and had to cook soup on the grill.
Jeff got in Monday Morning the 14th. His parents, and Amy and her kids were there--as well as my mom and I and our kids. Zadina was so happy--she just kept saying "MY Daddy" with a satisfied sigh. Jeff brought us gifts from Ireland (a layover) and movies from Iraq. We went back to the room and Jeff changed clothes--and we went out for lunch at that Vietnamese place on Center St. Then we headed over to Amy's house for pizza. Carrie was there with her four kids--good to see her--and Jeff's friend, Kurt, from high school. Jeff was exhausted by the time we left at 7:30 from "staying up all night" (He kept very early hours the entire vacation due to his inner clock being off kilter.)


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