Thursday, September 13, 2007

It's been a whole month!

And I'm a little overwhelmed by wanting to catch up and tell everything that's happened since I last logged in.
So--short story: We had a great vacation with Jeff--went to Florida, played in the ocean--had tons of family time. He's back in the big sandbox now and we are home. We're heading out again this weekend--then going down to AZ with my folks next week.

(I'll fill in details later.)

First--I want to give credit for the picture that's on the previous post--the red card was MADE by my upline--but its an exact copy of a card made by a woman named Laurie Schmidlin. Her website is called "Just give me stamps". This red card was posted July 12, 2007. I was CASEing her before I knew it was her! Anyway--credit where credit is due: She's a very creative and talented woman.


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