Thursday, June 14, 2007

Busy busy busy!!

My exciting happy thing for today: Angelina is a MORRIS now!!! Sommer called me and it's final!!!!!!

We're doing well here. Lotsa appointments next week, but we have a few days of "downtime" to just "be". We are all enjoying summer--sleeping in, exercising, and all doing our own things. "M" is reading, Taj and "J" are doing lots of role playing (seems like everyone in the house has whiskers drawn on their faces to be "Puss" from Shrek) and Aria is in heaven with all the people to play with--not only does she have a big sister, but all of her other friends are home from school. Za still hasn't decided whether she is a "baby" or a "big kid"--but she manages to keep pretty busy....

Sascha has all four teeth--and Baby D is working on her seventh tooth. Both are scootching all over and actively involved in our daily lives.

Speaking of "Shrek", Taj asked me the other day what "sexy" meant. I told him it meant you were attractive to the opposite gender---a man was very handsome to a woman and a woman was beautiful to a man. He said he thought it just meant you were "extra fancy"....


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