Friday, March 30, 2007


The boys went home Friday night--they were SO happy! We had a pretty mellow weekend and then my friend, T from Chicago came Monday morning with her three kids. We had a great visit--Taj gets along so well with her oldest son and the girls are starting to play together well too. Not to mention I really enjoy hanging out and talking to her....

Anyway, I had another reason to be glad T was here--my neighbor with the tiny baby called me Monday night--the State took custody of her baby and has her in the hospital--so I've been trying to help her all I can with information and taking care of her other 2 kids while Baby D is in the hospital. It's a crazy situation and I hope they figure out why this baby doesn't grow--rather than trying to pin it on C, my neighbor.... The doctor does not sound like she is being suportive of C at all.


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