Wednesday, March 21, 2007

What a weekend!

I finally feel "recovered" from the weekend! Friday night I dropped the kids off at the "Y"--came home and played with my stamps for a few hours. Didn't make anything earth-shattering, but I made an anniversary card I was rather pleased with. Went to pick up the kids and sascha hadn't taken either of the bottles I'd left for her. So I expected a marathon nursing. What I hadn't counted upon was her waking up at 2:00 wide awake and HAPPY--wanting to look at me and touch my face and talk to me. So we sat up until 4:30 and talked....

Next morning I got the kids up and we dropped Zadina off with Rachael. We were on the road by 8:15 and met my parents halfway at 10:00. Sascha and I came home, picked up Za, and came home for naps. I got a little nap--and Za slept a full 4 hours! (Ally wears her out!) Then we went to get pizza and went to Rachael's house. She had made lemon meringue pie, so we had dinner and watched a movie (Same Time Next Year!!) I got home and the three of us went to bed--crashed hard.

Sunday I woke up at 4:00 and was still tired--but awake. I thought about it, and decided that if I left the house by 6:00, I could make it to church in Omaha--so I packed up and scopped the babies up and plopped them in the car at 6:00--on the road again! They both cried for a few minutes and then slept until we were well past Lincoln.

We went to church and then to Darcy's. Amber was there with her baby--what a doll! Dawn also came with Baby Eve. That was fun--then my folks came with us to the Hilton and helped us check in. Gorgeous room on the 6th floor. We all walked down to the Old Market and I took everyone out to eat at M's Pub--Brie en croute, Escargot, Spinach Salad with warm bacon dressing, and a fettuccini with shrimp. YUM!!!

We got back to the room and I was EXHAUSTED!! Finally got the kids calmed down, turned off the lights--and Sascha ERUPTED--threw up all over the bed. So I changed me and her--and switched beds--and she threw up again!! Cleaned her up again--and she coughed all night. Finally, towards morning, we were just all getting some good sleep--and the FIRE ALARM went off. So I grabbed the kids--Za still in her diaper --wrapped in my coat and shoved into the stroller, Za tucked into the sling, Taj and Aria grabbed shoes, and I managed to grab the room key--but forgot cell phone, purse, and car keys. Some very nice man carried Zadina down 6 flights of stairs and we ended up, refugees in the hotel lobby. Some VERY happy woman bought the kids some hot chocolate. It wasn't the crack of dawn--a little after 7--but still WAY too early for me.

We were finally cleared to go back to our room--got cleaned up and packed and went to I-Hop for breakfast. Then we hit Walmart and got stuff for lunch--went to the zoo and walked around for a bit before we met Sommer and the boys. Walked ALL OVER--including the last hill--and finally drove home--non-stop--okay, we did stop once to let Taj pee on the side of the road. Got home at 7:40 and got to bed by 9:30 even though all three girls slept most of the way home. Sascha woke up at 4:00 and needed some Tylenol, but I pretty much got almost 10 hours of sleep that night. Tuesday we sent Jeff a care package--mostly snack foods--and then Rachael cam over with the kids for the rest of the day.

Last night was my first real night's sleep--and today was my first "down-day" in AGES. I played with some card ideas--working on a black and silver one right now....

Zadina is taking a late nap--and Sascha is happily playing with her toes.

Good news!!! Jillina had her baby boy yesterday--March 20, 2007--William James.
Bad news.... Becki's dad died Feb 6. But i didn't even know 'cus I hadn't talked to her.... Caught up with her today.

My mom sent me a cool book for my birthday--I finally got it last night--and read it last night and this morning. It's about finding my personal style--something I want to explore this year....

We also got our temporary license for foster care--we could get a placement at any time....


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