Thursday, May 17, 2007

Jeff called....

He's getting really homesick--it's getting pretty crazy there--lots of guys getting hurt and killed.
(This is his squad--he's the second one in from the left cradling the huge gun.)
He's lost a lot of weight. It's SO hot--and they have to carry a lot of gear--and he says the food in sector is inedible. When they are back at camp, they eat pretty well, but they are only there two or three days a week.
He said he'd appreciate the following in a care package: black socks, ready-to-eat food such as tuna or chicken in pouches, beef jerky, dried fruit, nuts, and also Ramen cup-a soup (The kind you add boiling water to) and he also says he uses Crystal Lite--he has to drink gallons of water and this makes it taste better.
We are all looking forward to August!!!


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