Sunday, May 20, 2007

Update on family and kids...

Baby D is officially over 15 pounds--she should be up to the 5th percentile by the end of this month! She is strong and happy--eating like a horse! And she gets 4 hours a day at home. The next court date is in July--I'm hoping she'll go home for good then....
This is Sascha today--she's such a happy girl. She has her two bottom teeth and is working on the two top ones. Both babies spend most of their waking time scootching along on the floor and eating--they really need baths at the end of the day!
Zadina is communicating better all the time--she's just begun the "parrot" stage and seems very proud of herself when she gets a word correct. She is VERY into playing with her babies and often walks around with her dress up "nursing" a doll or stuffed animal. We got out Aria's old doll stroller and she LOVES it.
Aria is little Miss "Social Butterfly". She spends lots of time with her friends and is practically living outside.
Tajir has made friends with a few of the neighbor boys and seems to be settling in. Both of the bigger kids seems to be okay with playing in the sprinklers--they can do that all day!
We are still going to church every Sunday--the children's program is growing. And we meet for Park Day with two different homeschool groups--one on Mondays and one on Wednesdays.
We get to see "our boys" again next week--we have a meeting with their social worker--hopefully we can work out a visitation schedule and get a time frame for their placement. Now to get that new big van....


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