Saturday, January 19, 2008

First word for Sascha...

Went to the mall yesterday--Zadina was being her usual energetic self. After chasing her all over and trying to keep her with me, we got out to the parking lot and put Sascha in her seat and was buckling in the other baby. Za was still outside the car--in the parking lot. I lost my patience and asserted, "Zadina, get in the car NOW!" Sascha yelled, "NOW!" complete with my stern face. We all started laughing at her, and I grabbed Zadina and Sascha said, "NOW!" again and then started giggling. When I called my mom that night to tell her the story, Sascha "performed" again.

We have a teenager staying with us (for awhile?). She came for "one night" on Wednesday, and we kind of hit it off. She may go live with her older brother later, but in the meantime, she's good here.

I also turned down a pre-adoptive placement this week. It was for a little guy a few months younger than Aria, but he sounded as if he needed a lot more time and attention that I could give him. I hope he finds his forever home soon, though....

Well, I did our taxes yesterday--I love internet! Looking forward to this refund--we can put the whole thing away this time! Jeff will help me spend part of it when he gets home--a BIG tv and a motorcycle are on our wishlist....



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