Sunday, January 27, 2008

Sascha is walking!!!

Is it portentious that her first steps were taken AWAY from me? She spent lots of time practicing in the kitchen with me today and seems very pleased with herself.

Taj turned 8 on Friday. Both he and Aria were up at the CRACK of dawn on the 25th to open presents and he spent most of the day playing with his new PS2 game. (Mater Nation.) Their friends came over in the afternoon and I dropped off the three youngest kids at the "Y" and the rest of us went out to Valentino's for pizza. Then we came home and they watched a movie with popcorn and candy and sodas. I don't think any of us got much sleep that night!
And since Aria had a friend staying over, Za slept with me. It was SO sweet--we had cuddled up in bed and she said, "I tiss you, mama," and kissed me. Then she said, "You tiss me, mama." So I kissed her.
It's memories like that that prevent me from killing her when I come dowstairs (like today) and she has let both puppies in and opened the fridge (left it open) and fed them cream cheese. Muddy paw prints EVERYWHERE. Spilled juice in front of the fridge. (sigh)
Aria's having a rough day--I think she still hasn't caught up on her sleep--plus she probably has spring fever 'cus it's BEAUTIFUL out! But she didn't feed the puppies today--and when I asked her to take care of them, she just dumped their food on the step--too lazy to go get their bowls, so they went most of the day without water. I took care of the dogs and called her in. So after a (very LOUD) tantrum, she is spending the rest of the day inside while her friends play outside.
Our little guy is doing well--getting stronger every day and he's SO SWEET! And our teen, though not naturally maternal, loves him, too. She is trying to get him to say her name. And she is doing well, also. Her worker visits tomorrow.
Well, it's time to find something to call dinner....


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