Friday, April 27, 2007

Catching up.....

I've been playing with my "chocolate" designer papers lately...

I also realized I never gave an account of our trip to Omaha at Easter--it was good but hectic. I LOVE visiting people, but it was really difficult with two babies--it also didn't help that Baby D cut her two top teeth on Easter. We'e glad to be home!
I had an epiphany last week as all this "real life" rained down on my head. I think that life gets easier as you get older. I think if I was in my early twenties and trying to care for five children and also dealing with a failed transmission (and no transportation) and not being online AND all the puppy stuff--especially all by myself with my husband half a world away, I would have had a nervous breakdown. As it was, I knew whom to call and how to function and we got through it with a minimum of angst.
I think the first time you do something--and as long as you are still learning how to do it well, it's new and exciting--going to school, driving a car, sex--but as you get good at it, you exchange that new excitement for the ease and accomplishment of doing it well and EASILY. As you age and aquire more skills, life just gets easier. That's my impression, anyway. (I shared this with my mom and she feels that it's generally true, but that some people never learn from experience and are always *reacting* to what happens to them.)
Well, I just wanted to show off my new chocolate and vanilla cards--I love creating! Time to think about making dinner.... I'm thinking chocolate pudding for dessert.... (grin)


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