Thursday, April 26, 2007


The leaf one was made by Rachael--I did the rest...

I've been doing a lot of stamping lately--it really helps me relax!
It's been a crazy-busy couple-a-weeks! Last Monday I babysat for my friend's little boy (14 months) 'cus his sister was getting her tonsils out--I also spent an hour and a half on the phone trying (in vain) to figure out why my computer wasn't online (I haven't had service since Friday the 13th). My neighbor dropped Lily off at the vet's office that morning to get spayed and we went to homeschool group that afternoon and then picked up a very sore and subdued Lily.

Tuesday we all got up early--dropped the kids off at a sitter and C and I took the babies and met with Social workers for our case plan. There are a lot of ongoing things C has to do--I asked about D coming home and they said the doctor would have a big input for that. Also that she would not just go home all at once--it would be a gradual process. Picked the kids up, picked the puppies up, and took the puppies to get their shots. We really needed some groceries, so we stopped by the house and dropped the puppies off, started the van and put it into reverse.... nothing happened. I put it into "drive" and it LURCHED forward. So we decided we were not going anywhere else that day. I made some calls and AAA came for the van (I had time to get all our junk out of there.) and they dropped it off at the dealer's.

Wednesday I had planned on borrowing C's van for D's WIC and doctor's appointment--but it wouldn't start! I made some calls and finally found a neighbor willing and able to come over and sit with my kids for a bit so we could run up to WIC. C and I took her car--it took a total of 30 minutes for driving and the interview and weigh-in. C had a friend come over to watch the kids so we could go to the doctor's appointment. That went well--D has gained over 2 pounds! She weighed in at 12 pounds, 11 ounces on Wednsday afternoon!!! I asked the doctor what she wanted to see so D could go home. She said she wants her to catch up developmentally (sit up by herself, etc.) and get up to the 5th percentile on the growth chart (That would be 16 pounds at 10 months--her next doctor's visit--May 20th.)

There is a court date on the 2nd of May--then another on the 24th--I'm hoping at that one they can start transitioning her home after that.

After the doctor, C took me grocery shopping and I made dinner for everyone (including C and kids and babysitter and her two kids).

Thursday we actually stayed home all day--just had one home visit from the development / nutrition worker.

Friday I got a call that my van was done. We had (thankfully) purchased the extended warranty when we bought it--so the new transmission cost me $107 (My $100 deductable plus tax). Even the tow was free since we have AAA!!! Another neighbor watched Taj and Aria and C took me to pick up the van--they even had washed and vacuumed it! The MP's paid me a visit Friday evening because Lily got off her lead (for about 10 minutes) and our neighbor with the perfect yard--our only neighbor that is not warm and friendly-- had called them to complain. I told them I was in the process of getting a fence--I'd just picked up the paperwork for it that day. They wrote me up a warning.

Saturday was a "day off" and Sunday we had church. Yesterday I made a bunch of phone calls I'd been putting off---and we went to homeschool group--gorgeous day--sat in the shade under a tree for 4 hours!!!

Today maintenance came and fixed some stuff--closet door, burner on the stove, a screen in Tajir's room, and a panel in the bathroom Aria had pulled off thinking it was a drawer. Then a guy came to give me an estimate on the fence--good news--it will be $35 a month to rent it. Bad news--they are booked and it will be about 4 weeks until they can get it in.... But at least it's in the process. And then the guy came from the cable / internet / phone company--at least it took HIM 20 minutes to realize that the problem was a disconnected cord--when they put the land line in they ran the internet through the phone--one of the kids had unplugged the phone cord up here. So I'm ONLINE again!!!

Jeff called me Sunday--he just re-signed so we'll be getting his bonus in plenty of time for our vacation--we are all looking forward to August!!

Other than that, just getting along--taking care of 5 kids, trying to keep my sanity. D has been getting up at 6:00--then going down for a morning nap at 8:00 or 8:30--just before the other kids get up. I'm torn between "Me-time" amd SLEEP. I did just finish re-reading Wuthering Heights--I forgot how good that was!! And I just read the Time Traveler's Wife--really enjoyed that, as well....

Wednesday we had a home visit and Baby D is up to 13 piunds 7 ounces!!!!! And sitting unaided!! If we can have her up to 16 pounds at her next Dr's appointment, the doctor should be able to recommend that she go home.
And also last night my contact at KVC contacted me about two sibling groups of THREE boys each who are available for adoption.... One group is 2, 4, and 5--they are in foster care in Topeka. The other group is 4, 10, and 12 and they are in JC. I'm intrigued....
Okay--I really missed typing / communicating. Gotta get back to real-life, though.


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