Monday, July 23, 2007


Some recent pics of the kids--and some recent cards....

Whatta Month!

I can't believe I haven't sat down to write here for almost a month! It's been crazy-busy here.

We went to a 4-H camp last weekend. The armed forces YMCA called me that Thursday and asked me if I wanted to go--they had 17 paid spots. So I went with my 7 kids--Plus I was watching the neighbor boy Friday, so I asked his dad if he could come with us. Then I got D's mom and her family to go. So we had 3 adults and 10 kids. It started at 1:00 Friday afternoon, but we had doctors appointments, so by the time we got up there it was almost 4:00. The kids got to go on a corral ride (they had to be 8 to go on a trail ride.) Zadina LOVED the horses--our cabin was just across the road from the stables and Za kept escaping and running over to see the "Horsies". Then we got a swim in before dinner at 6:00. Saturday was FULL of activities--swimming, horseback riding, canoeing--most of us crashed by 9:00 that night, but D's dad took a few of the big kids on the late night swim. Then we got up early and swam right after breakfast. The big kids got one more trail ride in with D's mom before lunch and we came home right after lunch. We all had a good time--but we were all happy to be home in our own beds--and to have our own fridge!!!

We got a bed for Za and I finally got it put together last week. Zadina is SO excited about "MY BED". She's been sleeping in it with no problems. I also got all three big girls their own satin comforter--pink for Aria, Turquoise for M, and purple for Za. So I'm down to just Sascha in my bed--but she's been up ALL NIGHT lately trying to cut her fourth top tooth (she also has two on the bottom).

Other than that I've just been taking care of 6 kids--Baby D (18 1/2 pounds now!!!) is only here two nights a week now--and she'll get to go on vacation with her family when her dad is on leave. We're all going out for dinner for her birthday on Wednesday.

We got Jeff's date for his leave--Aug 11. Which (I guess) means he'll be back in Omaha around the 13th or so. We'll head up there the 11th and visit people--try to get pics taken with my brother's little girl.

We've been spending time with a friend who has a girl one year older than M and a baby a month younger than Sascha. I really like her--she's "good people". I also had a scrapbook gathering here last Tuesday--a friend I met a Walmart and five of her friends. I was a little stressed at first, but it went well. Nice people.

Anyway, just getting ready to leave town for @ 3 weeks and tie up all our loose ends. I feel like I need this vacation (almost) as much as Jeff does....