Monday, May 18, 2009

Recital is over!

And it went well. The girls knew their dances and looked absolutely beautiful! We went out to the new I-Hop here in JC to celebrate.

Tonight is the last night of GS--and there are 3 more BS meetings and Scouts will be over for the summer, too.

Today we head to Manhattan for the last homeschool meeting before we disband for summer....

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Mid May...

We finally have an "official" garden. We rented a tiller last weekend and Jeff's Mother's Day present to me was tilling up a sizable portion of the yard for our garden. Zadina and I went and picked up lots of seeds and seedlings today and we're hoping for a clear day to plant. I may even be motivated to learn how to can homemade spaghetti sauce this year.... (If nothing else, we'll have LOTS of fresh tomatoes all summer!)

The girls have their recital on Sunday. Jeff will be home for the dress rehearsal Friday, but he leaves for CA a few hours before the "real" performance. I got a sneak preview yesterday when they gave a performance for a retirement home. They have both learned so much this year! We are already looking at the schedule for next fall--I think Sascha is going to start.

Sascha can make her "L" sounds now, but it's with effort, so we love getting her to say "Pill--low" and "Ball--llet". She also told me "I love you, Mama" for the first time today. Jeff is jealous and has been trying to get her to say it to him, but she's pretty stubborn and will say so on her own terms.

Taj has almost finished doing all of his thngs to earn his Bear cub patch--he'll be an official "Webelo" (Boy Scout) in June. And Aria's last Girl Scout meeting of the year is next Monday. I'd like to say we have a long lazy summer ahead of us, but we have three family reunions to go to--and I start two classes June 8th: Trigonometry and my first Nutrition class. I'm going ahead and getting my Bachelors of Science in Human Nutrition from K-State--I'll earn that in three years. And I can still start Creighton in two years. It'll be a rough 6 years, but then I'll finally get paid for what I know rather than how much I can carry, or how many miles I can drive, or how nice I can be to nasty customers. And then I can support Jeff for awhile while he goes to school.

Sending out more healing thoughts to a baby in Chicago who's been in the hospital--and sympathy to a friend of the family who lost a husband in a fatal motorcycle accident....