Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Happy New Year!

2010. Taj turns ten next week--and Aria will be 9 in Feb.

The semester ended badly--2 "C's". But it also helped me focus--change my degree. I will graduate this summer with a degree in "Interdisciplinary Social Sciences"--and hopefully start my Master's in Youth Development in the fall. (Need to get all that paperwork turned in.)
I LOVE my classes this spring! Philosophy; Wealth, Power and Privilege; Social Psychology; and Social Inequalities. 3 online--one at night, and all reading and writing and discussion of IDEAS! No cadavers or math!

Life is busy, but in a good way. We usually have 2 or 5 extra kids around--noisy (generally happy) chaos. The kids are growing and are all great. I'm so happy to be home again with them--we had a great daycare provider, but I really missed being with them all day.

Winter blessings!