Monday, November 26, 2007

Happy Holidays!!!

We got the tree up yesterday!!
I've been SOOOO busy--three babies is HARD! I'm rather sleep-deprived, but fuctioning.
We had a good visit home--saw Sommer and her family Wednesday--she made me a pecan pie to take to my Mom's house. Then I took Marty and Dawn and my folks out for dinner at a little place called "Greek Island" that night. Good mousaka! (The first time I've ever enjoyed eggplant!)

After dinner my folks took us to the hotel (they took care of the rooms for both nights), helped us get checked in--the room was smoky, but it was too much work to go down and get a different room. We got everyone bathed and settled in--Za cried for awhile because she wanted to sleep with me, but it was quiet by 10:30. Baby J woke up the first time about 12:30--and then I was pretty much up with at least one baby at a time until about 2:30--then I got another 2 hour chunk of sleep until Little Brother woke up for good at 4:45.

We went down and had breakfast (and I carried the playpens out to the van) and then took everyone up and bathed the babies (I'd fed them breakfast in their jammies!) We left the hotel about 9:00, stopped by Darcy's house and gave her her Xmas gift (I made name frames for practically everyone this year!), and went out to my parents' house. Marty came by with Eve to pick up chairs for their dinner and opened their presents (more name frames--one with Eve's whole name and one that said, "Appel Family"). I fed Baby J and put him down for a nap--then fed Little Brother and put him down with a bottle. We had a nice meal and then my mom and I hung out downstairs with the babies and watched "Parenthood" (Jeff called about then--he had had a nice meal and then had gone out on a mission) while Taj and Aria watched Shrek 3 with my Dad upstairs. We all left about 4:30 and my folks checked us into Ameristar for the night. We went out to Colleen's and visited with her and her two youngest girls. (Tiffany is in CA going to Stanford--she'll be home in a few weeks for Xmas). We left about 8:00, dropped off Amy's presents (they weren't home) and went back to Ameristar and had a late supper at the cafe there. We were all in bed by 10:30--and Baby J was up SCREAMING at 11:30. I think he was just really overtired, as he didn't want a bottle or anything I could think of. He finally fell asleep after about 1/2 an hour. I was up a few times after that and we were up again by 6:30 or so. We got ready and I fed the babies their oatmeal in the tub, and we went downstairs to the cafe again for breakfast. Then we delivered the last few gifts, picked up pizzas and went to Becki's house. We had a great visit--and headed out about 4:30. Everyone slept during most of the 4 hour ride (except me!) and we got home a little after 8:00. I crashed HARD that night--and got a nap yesterday!
Baby J had his first overnight with his dad last night--I'm really impressed with their relationship--here is a father who is really trying to do the right thing. They have a court date in a few weeks-- I think he'll get more liberal visits.
Jeff got an actual DATE to be home--they are telling him and his men April 16th. We are all getting excited!!!!
Yes, it's 4:45--just getting BACK to sleep after sitting up with a happy baby (who has now re-crashed.)
Just started reading "Eat, Pray, Love". Good book. 1/3 of the way though it.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Oh, Zadina!

So, anyway. She's talking plainer all the time, but sometimes you have to really know the context. She's been asking me something that sounds like "I (pyee?) you?" I finally figured out she was asking "I play, too?" So--she is outside today playing and she asks me, "I Pyee gas?" I said, "Yes, you can play in the grass." So she starts pulling her pants down to PEE in the grass. Oops! So I had to make her go in and use the tioilet--she wasn't happy with me.

We have a new placement I am REALLY happy about. We are calling him "Baby Brother". Little boy--8 months old and GORGEOUS. It will be a long road to his permanancy, but we are going to ride this one out. So I have 3 babies in the house and I am loving it!

Sunday, November 4, 2007

It's November already????

Gosh this autumn is flying by! Just taking advantage of our "extra" hour today by getting on the computer for a bit.

I've been doing yoga every morning first thing for almost two months--and I can really see and feel the difference! I have more energy and the scale is slowly creeping down--over 10 pounds down (60 to go...)

I'm still rubber stamping almost every day--I've been really pleased with my work lately. I'm giving a few friends (and my mom) homemade cards for Xmas.
We are still actively seeking additions to our family--I sent out 10 homestudies to different social workers this week. We are inquiring about sibling sets of 2, 3 and even 4. I'd LOVE to have our adoptive kids placed before my 41st birthday in March.
Taj and Aria are doing great with reading--something just seemed to "click" for each of them this month and they are getting more confident every week.
Zadina is dry during the day--and talking more clearly all the time--she's such a big girl, now.
Sascha is on the "cusp" of walking--she and Baby "J" are both SO ready--it will be weeks and no one will be crawling arouind here any more.
The puppies are calming down--we invite them in almost every day and they are very good with the kids--Loki doesn't even jump up anymore.
Mostly we just spend time at home--we were outside a LOT yesterday enjoying the weather and hanging out with the neighbors.

Friday, November 2, 2007

More pics

Taj is the Spiderman--and the cutie between him and Little Tigger Zadina is our neighbor, Marie.


We had a fun Halloween--Taj and Aria carved their own pumpkins--and I made Za's "Scary" like she wanted.

Aria made a "sad" pumpkin--it has tears because it has no teeth.