Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Has it really been this long?

It's been a crazy couple of months--getting Jeff reacclimated to family life--going places, doing stuff: we went to Omaha a few times, went to a wedding. Then my obsession with getting a house resurfaced and I spent every breathing moment searching for the perfect house for the 8 of us. I did!! It's a geodesic dome in Junction City (close to the base so Jeff doesn't have much of a drive.) It has 6 bedrooms and a HUGE plot of land--almost a full acre. We close this month and will be all moved in my the end of July.

So--my life has been packing and cleaning lately.

The kids are all doing great. the babies talk more and more every day--and Za is getting more understandable. LB's dad has been seeing him regularly--it's bittersweet, but he seems like a good guy. We may have to send the little guy home eventually....

Our teen is really part of the family. She and Jeff talk a lot--and she refers to him as "my dad" to her friends. The adoption is moving along--hoping it's final by the end of summer.

Taj and Aria went to Horse Camp a few weeks ago. Aria LOVED it. Taj was more reserved, but I think it was a good experience.

Well, have to go get some of the kids ready to go to a movie with a neighbor.