Friday, March 30, 2007

My family....

I finished creating the photo wallet for our Father's Day Project. I'm rather pleased with it...
Za has been so funny lately! She took off her poopy diaper the other night--dropped a piece and FREAKED out--screamed at it like it was going to attack her. Then Sascha pooped in the tub later that night while I was bathing the babies: Zadina stood in the corner of the tub and said, "Ta-Ta!!" Like, "How could you possibly do something so disgusting?" I'm hoping this is a prelude to potty training...
The other thing she's been doing lately is SCREAMING "Ow! OW! OW!!!" and pointing to a bruise or (old) owie. Yesterday she was doing this and I called her over and took a washcloth and WIPED OFF the "Owie" she'd been screming about--it was some errant blueberry smoothie that had gotten on her leg....
We're looking forward to going to Omaha next weekend--we're staying at a place with a kitchette--and hopefully we'll get more sleep than we did last time!


The boys went home Friday night--they were SO happy! We had a pretty mellow weekend and then my friend, T from Chicago came Monday morning with her three kids. We had a great visit--Taj gets along so well with her oldest son and the girls are starting to play together well too. Not to mention I really enjoy hanging out and talking to her....

Anyway, I had another reason to be glad T was here--my neighbor with the tiny baby called me Monday night--the State took custody of her baby and has her in the hospital--so I've been trying to help her all I can with information and taking care of her other 2 kids while Baby D is in the hospital. It's a crazy situation and I hope they figure out why this baby doesn't grow--rather than trying to pin it on C, my neighbor.... The doctor does not sound like she is being suportive of C at all.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Going well....

This is the card I've been playing with--I'm thinking maybe I'll do it for our April card exchange... The piece under the word is wrapped in silver cord.
The 4 big kids were all up fairly early--But--miracle--the babies are still asleep! Had breakfast and baths--now the kids are all playing. B (7) is very polite--he thanked me for the clothes I gave him. T (6) is shy--but becoming more comfortable. No major blow-ups yet.
S'pose I'd better do some laundry....

First placement!

Wow! KVC didn't waste any time! I got a call yesterday afternoon--just after dinner and before our walk--they had 2 little boys for us--just for the weekend. So we ran to Walmart for groceries and did a whirlwind cleaning on Tajir's room. The driver got her at almost midnight--I showed the boys around, had them brush their teeth and read them a story. I hope they got a good night's sleep.

I'm still tired, but these allergies are making me crazy. I can't breathe--so I can't sleep. Guess I'll get a shower and enjoy a few brief hours of silence....

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

What a weekend!

I finally feel "recovered" from the weekend! Friday night I dropped the kids off at the "Y"--came home and played with my stamps for a few hours. Didn't make anything earth-shattering, but I made an anniversary card I was rather pleased with. Went to pick up the kids and sascha hadn't taken either of the bottles I'd left for her. So I expected a marathon nursing. What I hadn't counted upon was her waking up at 2:00 wide awake and HAPPY--wanting to look at me and touch my face and talk to me. So we sat up until 4:30 and talked....

Next morning I got the kids up and we dropped Zadina off with Rachael. We were on the road by 8:15 and met my parents halfway at 10:00. Sascha and I came home, picked up Za, and came home for naps. I got a little nap--and Za slept a full 4 hours! (Ally wears her out!) Then we went to get pizza and went to Rachael's house. She had made lemon meringue pie, so we had dinner and watched a movie (Same Time Next Year!!) I got home and the three of us went to bed--crashed hard.

Sunday I woke up at 4:00 and was still tired--but awake. I thought about it, and decided that if I left the house by 6:00, I could make it to church in Omaha--so I packed up and scopped the babies up and plopped them in the car at 6:00--on the road again! They both cried for a few minutes and then slept until we were well past Lincoln.

We went to church and then to Darcy's. Amber was there with her baby--what a doll! Dawn also came with Baby Eve. That was fun--then my folks came with us to the Hilton and helped us check in. Gorgeous room on the 6th floor. We all walked down to the Old Market and I took everyone out to eat at M's Pub--Brie en croute, Escargot, Spinach Salad with warm bacon dressing, and a fettuccini with shrimp. YUM!!!

We got back to the room and I was EXHAUSTED!! Finally got the kids calmed down, turned off the lights--and Sascha ERUPTED--threw up all over the bed. So I changed me and her--and switched beds--and she threw up again!! Cleaned her up again--and she coughed all night. Finally, towards morning, we were just all getting some good sleep--and the FIRE ALARM went off. So I grabbed the kids--Za still in her diaper --wrapped in my coat and shoved into the stroller, Za tucked into the sling, Taj and Aria grabbed shoes, and I managed to grab the room key--but forgot cell phone, purse, and car keys. Some very nice man carried Zadina down 6 flights of stairs and we ended up, refugees in the hotel lobby. Some VERY happy woman bought the kids some hot chocolate. It wasn't the crack of dawn--a little after 7--but still WAY too early for me.

We were finally cleared to go back to our room--got cleaned up and packed and went to I-Hop for breakfast. Then we hit Walmart and got stuff for lunch--went to the zoo and walked around for a bit before we met Sommer and the boys. Walked ALL OVER--including the last hill--and finally drove home--non-stop--okay, we did stop once to let Taj pee on the side of the road. Got home at 7:40 and got to bed by 9:30 even though all three girls slept most of the way home. Sascha woke up at 4:00 and needed some Tylenol, but I pretty much got almost 10 hours of sleep that night. Tuesday we sent Jeff a care package--mostly snack foods--and then Rachael cam over with the kids for the rest of the day.

Last night was my first real night's sleep--and today was my first "down-day" in AGES. I played with some card ideas--working on a black and silver one right now....

Zadina is taking a late nap--and Sascha is happily playing with her toes.

Good news!!! Jillina had her baby boy yesterday--March 20, 2007--William James.
Bad news.... Becki's dad died Feb 6. But i didn't even know 'cus I hadn't talked to her.... Caught up with her today.

My mom sent me a cool book for my birthday--I finally got it last night--and read it last night and this morning. It's about finding my personal style--something I want to explore this year....

We also got our temporary license for foster care--we could get a placement at any time....

Thursday, March 15, 2007

FORTY Today!

This is what I've been up to lately....
The dress was just for fun--playing with a new hostess set.
The spot one was a variation on an inspiration sheet.
The set of four are for my next Stamp-a-stack. The blue one I copied almost exactly from a Split Coast Stamper:
The pink and blue one was also inspired from the inspiration sheet.
The other two are just some things I was messing around with.
The chocolate and ruby red one I'm rather pleased with. I borrowed this stamp set (Big Blossom) from my neighbor who doesn't think she likes it--and I created this card and ordered the set this morning! You can't really see in the photo, but the big rose red flower is embossed and has beads in the middle.
It's been a good day. Took the kids out for breakfast at Denny's and met another military wife eating there with her mom and three kids. I ave her my card and she was thrilled to have found a Stampin' Up! connection.
We got a bit of a nap and went to the Chinese buffet for dinner. Got home and Aria and I made "dress" cards. Now we are having our annual viewing of "Quiet Man" since Taj and Aria will be in Omaha for St. Pat's Day.
Hoping for a good night's sleep tonight since Sascha is teething and Zadina has that cough back....

Saturday, March 10, 2007

New Toys!!!

I got four boxes of new toys from Stampin' Up last night. Just finished getting all my stamps mounted. After lunch I'm dropping the kids off at the YMCA to have 3 uninterrupted hours of creating. Also--I just ordered my EIGHT new free stamp sets. After mounting my 13 new sets last night and this morning, only one of which was an alphabet set, I realized 5 of the eight coming next week are also alphabets. Whew! What have I gotten myself into? (grin.)

I have my first Stamp Club member--now to round up 5 more and we are in business! I'm really looking forward to showing everyone new techniques--stimulating all those creative energies!

The weather is GORGEOUS!! I think we'll take a walk before dinner tonight--wear everyone out and get an appetite for dinner (which will be chicken in the crockpot--so easy!!)

Talked to my SIL today--looking forward to seeing them at Easter--and I guess I talked to my other SIL last night, too. Had to let Amy know how much Jeff appreciated the care package. I think we'll stop by to see them before we head home Easter Sunday, also.

Okay--off to get some lunch in the kids' tummies before I shuffle them off to the "Y".

Thursday, March 8, 2007

Just finished this--it needed a pink background--I LOVE it! And I'm really having fun making pocket cards! Okay--we are off to the YMCA to make quilts!

What a beautiful day!

Drove to Topeka last night to have dinner with Colleen--we had a great time! I brought Sascha with me--we went to Olive Garden and shared two entrees--steak and seafood--YUM! I'm glad Colleen and I have stayed friends through the years--she's a good person and I really enjoy her company. I hope to see more of her in the next year or so as she will be working in Topeka on and off for awhile.
Sascha had a blowout whilst we were at the restaurant--threw her in the tub at the hotel and nursed her to sleep before I headed home. Got back just at 10:00--the latest I'd told Christa I'd be home to pick up the other three. Walked in the door and we all went straight to bed.
Got up early this morning and thought I'd try the color challenge on Split Coast Stampers--but there were too many colors for me--I got hung up on the beauty of the Chocolate Chip with the Vanilla and Regal Rose papers--this is what ensued. I'll be sending this to Savannah Appel--who shares by birthday.
We got out today and enjoyed the weather--wore everyone out including the puppies. All 4 babies are fast asleep now.
Heading dowstairs to take advantage of my quiet time to create yet another card....

Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Jeff called....

He's doing okay--it sounds a little crazy--lots of split-second life-or-death decisions. And he thinks they'll be living a lot in sector and not in their (shabby) barracks.

This is the project I have planned for the April class (above). And below is an idea I was playing with--I'll send it to Jeff today.

I'm kind of proud of myself--Zadina bent something in the computer taht was not allowing the 3 1/2" floppies to go in. I took it apart and fixed it--good as new!
Sascha is asleep and the three older kids are outside playing--I hope spring is here for good!

Monday, March 5, 2007

Completed Dad's Day cards!!!

...and I'm very pleased with them. I think this is what I'll do for my April class.

Saturday's project

Saturday I *almost* had a day to myself. I got up and woked with my stamps until the kids got up--then I dropped them off at CYS for 3 hours. Picked them up and the babies were ready for a nap. Aria went to play with friends and Taj vegged upstairs. (He was maxed out on "People time" for the day.) I had another 3 hours to play. I made a few cards--one (above) that I was really pleased with. I also got to try out some techniques and am getting more familiar with the colors....
I've spent the last few days developing a design for a Father's Day card....
Yesterday we had potluck at church and spent some time outside in the afternoon--it feels like spring is back!
Today we take Lily in for her chip and first set of shots--then we go into Manhattan for homeschool group. Looks like we'll be at the park!

I am so grateful for my husband!

I am so glad Jeff trusts me--not only to be a devoted and faithful wife while he's gone, but with the money, with the children, with just about everything--I have complete autonomy and he leaves decisions up to my judgement. He respects that I have a need for time to myself sometimes and encourages me to get a sitter--or drop the kids off at the YMCA for free child care to do things for myself.
I think there are a lot of husbands--not just military--who try to control and micro-manage their families. I'm very sad for these wives and wonder if perhaps that is the reason some of these young wives go a little crazy when their husbands leave. If their husband becomes a parental figure, doesn't it make sense to have a party when "Dad" is away?
I have talked to women who are not "allowed" to let their kids play at a neighbor's house--who are not "allowed" to drop the kids off--except maybe long enough for them to go work out. It is incomprehensible to me that these women who are adults--who have children and are managing a household all alone while their husband fights a war half a world away, are not "allowed" to make simple decisions regarding their own lives.

Again--I am glad that I have my husband--that we have a healthy and respectful adult marriage. That he supports and loves me and trusts my decisions. I, in return, never give him any reason not to trust me--and run big decisons by him before I commit. (No, Jeff, you won't come home to a new house.)

Friday, March 2, 2007

Staying home for my birthday....

I had planned to go to Omaha for my birthday. But I was getting more and more stressed out about dragging all 4 kids up there -living in a hotel for 5 days--figuring out what to do with the puppies--meals out.... So I decided to stay home. Stress over. My mom was cool about it. Haven't told anyone else yet--I'd really like to see Nat again--but I'm just a homebody. I think I'll spend part of the day alone--maybe have Christa watch the older kids. Then all 5 of us go out to dinner.

I did my webpage through Stampin' UP! today. I'm really pleased with it:

I also designed the projects for my first class. I'm hoping to get ome interest for it....

Thursday, March 1, 2007

It All Melted!

Same kids, same snow princess--just 8 hours later! The snow is all gone!!!
We started quilts tonight at the YMCA. They will be cool--but I will be there EVERY Thursday for the next few months making one for each kid.... Taj went home with Antonio for a sleepover. No calls yet, so I guess he's okay--no homesickness.
Well, Sascha is OUT and Za is wanting to cuddle, so it's bedtime.

I thought it was spring!

The card I made this morning:

Taj and Aria with Loki and Lily:
Taj and Aria with their "Snow Princess" this morning:
Yesterday was SO nice--we had our girl Scout project outside (pine cone / peanut butter bird feeders)! The kids were outside playing on their scooters until almost 8:00. This morning about 4:00 I woke up to thunder--ran outside to roll up the van window--and we were having a snowstorm! I stayed up for about an hour and got back to sleep. Then Jeff called me at 7:00 and woke me up. The kids got up a little later and went outside to make a snow person. It's sunny again and will probably be all melted by tonight. I guess March came in like a "lion".

Things I'm grateful for:
1) Health
2) Pleanty of what we need
3) Breastfeeding
4) Older kids to help me with the younger kids
5) Our church community
6) Internet
7) Steady paychecks (for almost 3 years now!)
8) Living in the US
9) Spring is coming!
10) Stamping again

Za is screaming for lunch--even though it seems like we just finished brakfast--Coco Wheats--our favorite!