Wednesday, May 30, 2007

"Our" boys...

I'm kinda bummed after our day in Topeka....

First, " J", the social worker, was supposed to meet us at the park at 3:00. We drove an hour to get there--showed up on time and sat under the pavillion out of the rain for 1/2 an hour. Then I called the foster mom and asked her where she lived--went over there--and J hadn't even told the FM we were coming. FM was changing a diaper when J finally showed up so I answered the door. I asked her where she was and she said she didn't realize that we had confirmed. She then asked about my kids and said, "and you're pregnant now." I assured her I was not. (We did not get off on a good start.)

Then another woman showed up--another foster care worker. She didn't even know who I was. I told her I want to adopt the boys. I THEN find out from J that there are THREE other families who are interested in the boys. (Her exact e-mail to my first inquiry was, "I am so happy to get going on this~ Let me get back with you on Monday. Sorry it has taken me so long" Nothing about three other families who are in the running.) The other woman used to work adoption and I find out that first a committee will decide which family will be the best fit. This will not happen until late June or even July. THEN they will notify the family they've chosen and open the files to the family. Then they have to forward the proposal to another agency and it will be another 3 weeks or so to get going with the visits--if we are chosen, it may be November or even later before the boys are even placed with us....

On a bright note, the kids had a good time and I really feel like these are meant to be my kids. I truly feel that they are just little boys who need acceptance and permanancy and lots of love....

Maybe the sermon on Sunday was meant for me:

1. Whoever shows up is the right person.
2. Whatever happens is the only thing that could have.
3. Whenever something happens, it's the right time.
4. When it's over, it's over.

I just need to be patient and if these boys are meant to be with us, they will be. And if we are meant for another set of children, we will get another set of children....

In the meantime, I can order exactly the van I want--and plan a vacation for just the 6 of us....

Tuesday, May 22, 2007


Just had to share this--I couldn't stop laughing.

Taj came down this morning and it was raining. I mentioned how lucky we've been that most of our Mondays have been dry so we could just enjoy "Park Days". He said, "I hope it doesn't rain Thursday." I asked him, "What's Thursday?" He looked at me like I was the simplest person on the face of the earth and said, "The day before Friday."

(After I stopped laughing I finally got the information from him that he had planned a soccer game with his friends for Friday.)

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Update on family and kids...

Baby D is officially over 15 pounds--she should be up to the 5th percentile by the end of this month! She is strong and happy--eating like a horse! And she gets 4 hours a day at home. The next court date is in July--I'm hoping she'll go home for good then....
This is Sascha today--she's such a happy girl. She has her two bottom teeth and is working on the two top ones. Both babies spend most of their waking time scootching along on the floor and eating--they really need baths at the end of the day!
Zadina is communicating better all the time--she's just begun the "parrot" stage and seems very proud of herself when she gets a word correct. She is VERY into playing with her babies and often walks around with her dress up "nursing" a doll or stuffed animal. We got out Aria's old doll stroller and she LOVES it.
Aria is little Miss "Social Butterfly". She spends lots of time with her friends and is practically living outside.
Tajir has made friends with a few of the neighbor boys and seems to be settling in. Both of the bigger kids seems to be okay with playing in the sprinklers--they can do that all day!
We are still going to church every Sunday--the children's program is growing. And we meet for Park Day with two different homeschool groups--one on Mondays and one on Wednesdays.
We get to see "our boys" again next week--we have a meeting with their social worker--hopefully we can work out a visitation schedule and get a time frame for their placement. Now to get that new big van....

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Jeff called....

He's getting really homesick--it's getting pretty crazy there--lots of guys getting hurt and killed.
(This is his squad--he's the second one in from the left cradling the huge gun.)
He's lost a lot of weight. It's SO hot--and they have to carry a lot of gear--and he says the food in sector is inedible. When they are back at camp, they eat pretty well, but they are only there two or three days a week.
He said he'd appreciate the following in a care package: black socks, ready-to-eat food such as tuna or chicken in pouches, beef jerky, dried fruit, nuts, and also Ramen cup-a soup (The kind you add boiling water to) and he also says he uses Crystal Lite--he has to drink gallons of water and this makes it taste better.
We are all looking forward to August!!!

Monday, May 14, 2007

Summer, Finally?

It's sure been hot lately! I'm still trying to decide what to do about cooling off. The kids want a wading pool, but I don't know if I want to try to deal with trying to keep it clean.... Maybe a sprinkler? One thing I WILL miss about Omaha is the pool 2 blocks from the house. I know there's a pool around here, but I don't know what it costs--and I'm not sure I want to try to keep up with Zadina AND Sascha AND Baby D in a big pool.... (Plus, it's a drive....)
(This "Tree" card and the "Rose" card below were very heavily inspired by samples I saw on Splitcoast Stampers.)
Well, time to attack the tv room--my folks are coming for a visit in two weeks and I don't want to be cleaning like a crazy person the day before.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Happy Mother's Day!

We had a good day. Talked to my mom, went to church, went to the neighbor's for a birthday celebration / potluck dinner. I was feeling really lucky today--lots of people don't have their moms--and lots of moms don't have their kids.

I taught my first class yesterday--I think it went rather well. Three women came and did a total of 7 projects--the photo wallets for Father's Day. I'd like to do a lot more classes--I really enjoyed it.

Baby D is doing great. We had a doctor's appointment Thursday and she is up to 14 pounds 7 ounces. And she is doing the "army crawl"--using both arms and legs. She's been spending 2 hours every evening at home--I'm hoping for more daily "home time" after the next court date.

Well, it's late and the kids are bedding down for the night. Time for a meditation and some sleep. (Let's just hope Sascha SLEEPS all night tonight. She's been teething and we were up at 2:00 in the morning last night doing Tylenol. I got the full dose into her, a squirt at a time while she SCREAMED. As soon as I finished, she threw up. So I had to give her another dose. Then, of course, Baby D was up at 6:30 wanting to play. I've been torn lately between sleep and "me time"....)

Monday, May 7, 2007

The rest of our family....

We met the boys Saturday!!! The kids all got along--the chemistry was really good. All three just had birthdays this spring. "D" is 5, "C" is 4, and "J" is 2. They are all so cute--and really sweet! I'm hoping we can adopt them-- I want to have "my" boys HOME by July so we can take them on vacation in August. I think the boys will blossom being in our home with a more relaxed schedule. (Their foster mom works full time.) It sounds like there is a lot of conflict getting them up and dressed and out of the house every morning.

Two "cute kids" things. We were driving home from church yesterday and we were talking about France--one of their friends is there for a few months. I was telling them words in French. Then Aria asked, "Can I go to Marie's house when we get home?" I answered, "Oui." She said, "Okay, can WE go to Marie's house when we get home?"

Then we were driving though the "officer's housing"--all the big old stone houses. I sighed and said, "I'd love to live in one of these houses." Tajir didn't miss a beat, just said, very matter-of-factly, "You gotta have a dream, Mom."

I'm looking into a new van--it's between a Dodge Sprinter and a Ford 15 passenger van. We'd get better milage on the Sprinter (and it would be easier to park.) But we could haul everybody and their kids in the Ford.... I'd like to have a new van by the end of the month.

We've had lots of rain--and some serious flooding. I'm SO GLAD we live on a hill!!!

Well, we are getting some spring cleaning done--two bedrooms done--two to go--plus the storage closet and garage. I'm pretty happy with the downstairs--it's mostly maintaining.

We cancelled homeschool group today--too squishy. Guess I'll go downstairs and find a project for us to do....